Age of Wisdom and Double Choc Fudge

Age of Wisdom image

Knowledge can be gathered at any time and as it elevates and builds up, it has a proclivity to puff us up. Wisdom, in the other hand, pares down all that puffs up and tells – better yet, forewarn – us to be watchful lest the Goliath in us falls from the height of pride. 

Wisdom is not instant but grows with life’s experiences and age. It grows out of humility, the opposing end of pride. Knowledge, if it’s the wrong kind, corrupts.  Wisdom matures and helps us make wise choices, but that is if we don’t forget and learn from our past experiences.  That’s like when you forget that gobbling up one piece too many of the double chocolate fudge cake and you regret it how that puffs you up and adds inches to your waistline.


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